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XLR Accelerates the Presence of TAF in Benelux and France

TAF is happy to announce that XLR, a highly respected and experienced A/V company based in Brussels, Belgium, is its official distributor for Benelux and France.


XLR was established on 1st of January 2013 and has built up a broad customer base over the years. It not only specializes in the distribution and installation of audiovisual equipment for live events and custom projects, but provides consultations and training sessions for a wide range of A/V topics and the ever-evolving audiovisual products and techniques. Technical service and repairs are carried out in-house as well.


At the start of their cooperation, TAF sat down with the Lighting Brand Manager at XLR, Pieter Van De Vlede, to learn more about him, XLR, the truss market in his region, and the value XLR will provide customers in Benelux and France going forward.


XLR just became the distributor for TAF in Benelux and France. What is your role in this new relationship?


I’m the Lighting Brand Manager for XLR. My main role is to help XLR’s customers choose the right product, at the right price, and provide them with the technical information they require.


How and when did you get involved in the live event business?


I’m not a newcomer to this industry. In fact, I’ve been working in the live event sector for 25 years! It all started when I was a young, unexperienced showroom salesman in the late 1990s. I was a DJ at the time and was very interested in the technical aspect of “showbiz”, which led me into this specialized field. For the past 10 years, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the rigging aspect of the business. I’ve held several different jobs within XLR and the experience I’ve gained has made me well aware of what is, and is not, important with the use of truss.


When did you first come into contact with TAF products?


I have to confess that the first truss I ever purchased, 25 years ago, was from TAF. I also know TAF from the many tradeshows I’ve attended over the years, as well as from my previous jobs. TAF was never very far away from me or my professional activities.


Why did XLR choose TAF?


The decision for XLR to become a TAF distributor is an important step in expanding its product portfolio. XLR is a family-oriented company and identity with TAF, which is also a family-based brand. But more important is its advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, the high-quality of its products, and the impressive speed of its deliveries. The combination of these factors allows us to offer TAF products to our customers with confidence and fully stand behind them.


For more than 25 years, TAF has produced OEM products for several well-known truss brands. In recent years, it started to focus more on promoting and selling it own branded truss, which perfectly matched with the expanding activities of XLR.


How would you describe the current truss market?


The event truss market has changed a lot in recent years. It was dominated by a couple of brands pre-COVID, each with their specific characteristics, but now there are multiple brands competing with the same connection systems and specifications. China also became a prominent truss manufacturer. As a result, multipurpose truss is in high demand and with very narrow margins. The market where XLR operates has the same complexity, but even with this heavy competition, there is still room for TAF to become a major player.


I’m a strong believer in the quote “Stock is King”. If you have the right product, at the right time, you have an increased chance of success. TAF made a promise to the world with its delivery of “Truss on Time”. As a TAF distributor, we stand by this promise and make sure that our current, and potential, customers are aware of the trust we have in the TAF brand.


Another important advantage of TAF is the very high level of technology in its factory. It is one of the few manufacturers with a robot that contributes to welding tubes and braces for the production of its truss, which is carried out very precisely. The use of robotic welding also helps increase the speed and volume of TAF’s output.


What added value does XLR provide as a TAF distributor?


In addition to XLR’s strong and loyal customer base, it is a small company. This translates into XLR being an ideal partner with quick turnarounds and a high priority on tailored service for its customers.


This approach is readily seen in the painting we carry out on standard TAF products. The use of matt black truss in steadily increasing each year in the Benelux market, so XLR has made the choice to paint truss directly in Belgium. By purchasing standard aluminum truss from TAF, and then painting it on demand in Belgium, we have a much faster turnaround on orders. On top of using a professional paint shop near our company, XLR is also able to provide its customers with a can of spray paint that contains an exact match for the color on their truss, allowing for quick and convenient touch ups.


To ensure we provide the fastest possible deliveries, we consistently keep a full stock of selected truss – 48 mm x 3 mm Tubes (PTH31), 50 mm x 2 mm Ladder Truss (PT32), 50 mm x 2 mm Triangular truss (PT33), and 48 mm x 3 mm Square Truss (PTH34). If we see that demand increases for other types of truss, we can scale up very fast.


Any closing thoughts?


Both companies, including myself, are naturally proactive. We not only listen to customer requests and demands regarding truss, but act quickly and efficiently to meet them. In the end, we want to make sure our customers will have the truss the need, when they need it. Deadlines wait for no one.


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