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TAF USA Expands Its Winning Team

TAF USA is happy to welcome Carter Klute to the team as its new sales representative. Carter will contact new clients in the United States and Central/South America, as well as provide timely and knowledgeable service to existing TAF customers.


With a contagious smile and outgoing personality, Carter fits right in at the TAF USA office and will help take the brand to higher levels of success. We sat down with Carter during his first week at the office to learn more about him.


1. Hi, Carter, and welcome to the TAF USA team. You’re coming from the Midwest and have just moved to Florida. Can you tell us where you are from and what it was like growing up there? 


Thank you for asking me about the place that made me who I am. I was blessed to grow up with excellent Midwestern values. I spent many summers in Harlan County, Nebraska, where my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were raised, as well as on the beaches of Turtle Beach with my father’s family. Conservative Nebraska values live in the core of my personality. I was lucky to experience all four seasons in full force and explore the US. 


2. What about your educational background and professional experience?


Once again, a blessing of my childhood location. I have been a safety firefighter guy since childhood. Thankfully, one of the best rescue and relief programs was practically in my backyard, which allowed me to take this interest to the next level. Not only do I have an education in the safety space, but also experience as a volunteer firefighter for many years. My previous sales positions included many high-level training courses, which greatly contributed to my professional growth and the value I provide to customers.



3. How did you first get into contact with TAF, and what did you find interesting about the company?


Connecting with TAF…Wow, this was a bit of divine intervention. I was looking for a more impactful, client-facing position, and the opportunity at TAF presented itself. From the first time I explored its website, my wheels started spinning about these amazing products and potential for growth! I knew I had found a home after talking to Jiri and seeing his enthusiasm for the value TAF products provide to so many different industries! I couldn’t wait to start this new chapter of my life! 


4. Can you describe your responsibilities in the sales department? Will you be responsible for other activities outside of sales?


I will be responsible for helping grow the organization through sales. Still, as a member of the TAF USA team, we will all be working together to reach a common goal. I have a background in association management, which is often about “all hands on deck”, so I am always prepared to jump in for the good of the mission! 


5. How do you see your professional experience as an asset to TAF USA and the service you will provide to customers?


 A customer-facing role has been the main focus of my professional life. I was previously selling an idea for non-profit associations, so I look forward to working with a more tangible product at TAF. I have never met a stranger; I love meeting new people and giving them the chance to benefit from something I believe in. It makes the selling process more personally fulfilling. I feel that TAF is a company with genuine value and cannot wait to share its products with my future colleagues and partners. 


6. You’ve just moved to Florida and started at TAF USA this week. How would you describe your time in Florida and your first impressions at TAF USA?


Honestly, I have lived in Florida since September 2023 but recently discovered the true beauty of this area of the state when I moved to New Smyrna Beach. I love this community and look forward to building my career with TAF. TAF is a company with a fantastic product and great opportunities. I was amazed by some of the conversations I had with Jiri before joining the team. 


7. What are your hobbies? Do you participate, or plan to participate, in any sports or other activities?


My hobbies align with Florida and TAF… I love anything that involves the outdoors! So far, I have enjoyed the apartment complex pool and boating, as well as walking my dog in such a unique and exciting area. He really enjoys it! Nebraska has these opportunities, too, but the weather is not always so conducive for these activities.



We look forward to the value Carter will provide to both new and existing TAF USA customers across the Americas, as he embraces his new sales representative role and becomes an important member of the TAF USA team!


Welcome aboard!


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